The Village of St Teath

The beautiful village of St Teath (rhymes with ‘breath’) is in North Cornwall, just ¼ mile from the Atlantic Highway (the A39) and two miles inland from the sea.  It’s surrounded by beautiful countryside, nestled in a sheltered valley.

St Teath has a population of around 800 but there’s a lot going on in the village. We have a primary school, pre-school,  a Methodist Church and Parish Church, local butcher, post-office and store, village pub, cafe, and lots of organisations and events to keep you busy! It’s a very warm and welcoming village too, and there are frequent fund-raising events for all sorts of charities,  with  regular opportunities for everyone to get together.

To keep up to date with events in the village, look at our village diary.


Then and now…

Our village has an interesting history. St Tetha (from whom this village acquired its name) came over from Wales, with her sisters, to this area of Cornwall to bring Christianity to those living here. Since then the village has seen much change with the rise and fall of both mining and the railway. There is plenty of  evidence of both around the area.

The oldest past of the village surrounds the village square – the focal point of the annual summer carnival, Remembrance day, Christmas lights and New Year Celebrations.